Bewdley Business Centre offers a range of workspaces including temporary or permanent desk space, individual offices and suites.  Ideal for individuals and small business teams.
Each floor has toilets and a kitchen either for shared use or as part of a self-contained suite.

Flexible terms and cost-effective
office solutions

Temporary or permanent desks

Private offices
from 100 sq ft

Full or partial floors
from 880 to 1750 sq ft

Private car park

Services include

Gas heating, water, electricity  Superfast broadband and private Wi-Fi, all behind a safe and secure firewall  Aircon  Office furniture  General waste and recycling disposal  Fire and Security alarm system and maintenance   Regular cleaning

The floor plans

The ground floor

Office 1
8,203mm x 10,970mm

Office 2
8,253mm x 7,450mm

Art Studio
2,600 x 3,420mm

The first floor

Office 1
3,950 x 3,580mm

Office 2
2,640 x 3,260mm

Office 3
4,820 x 5,790mm

Office 4
2,850 x 3,260mm

Office 5
3,330 x 4,465mm

Sound Studios
3 separate studios

Meeting/Training Room
5,080 x 7,280mm

Superfast fibre broadband
and VoIP telephony

As business owners we know the importance of reliable and secure business broadband. Our superior quality superfast broadband and Voice over IP telephony solutions include:
Gas heating, water, electricity  A secure VLAN (Virtual local area network) for your exclusive use  High speed fibre broadband (80 Mb download speed)  Managed firewall  Secure private Wi-Fi connection with your own SSID

What our clients say

Moving to a new office location after 30 years at the same place was a big step for us. But owners Jon and Juliet were so welcoming and made us feel right at home. Even when they weren’t quite ready for tenants, they created temporary space for us until our permanent space with river view is complete.

It’s being designed for our needs and comes with air conditioning, top notch broadband and telephone, and our own balcony area. And with the purpose designed meeting room, it means we can look forward to inviting our clients here.

What attracted us most is how accommodating, helpful and professional everyone is.  Nothing is too much trouble. That’s why we’re proud and excited to be part of their plans.

Roger Smith, Director, DMS Logistics Software Ltd


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